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Colosseum Plank Paver Patterns

December 18, 2015

The Colosseum Plank Paver combines the beauty of a travertine finish and the durability of a concrete paver. Its unique size allows for creative patterns that will make any project stand out. Many of the designs are inspired by hardwood flooring which features similarly shaped planks, just a different material. While there are a number of possible patterns to choose from, we wanted to highlight a few of our favorites:

Running Bond: The running bond features planks installed parallel to each other with the end of each paver lined up with the center of the paver on either side of it. The creates a staggered but simple look that is easy to install.

Herringbone: In the herringbone pattern (pictured) the pavers are laid in a diagonal zigzag. This is the most complex pattern but it also provides the most stability because the planks are pushing against each other.

Basket weave: The basket weave is a repeating geometric pattern that results in a checkerboard appearance. Three planks laid next to each other create a perfect square with each set of planks turned 90 degrees so that the short ends touch the long end of the neighboring square.


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