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Featured Product: Turfstone

October 15, 2015

I would like to take this post to highlight our Turfstone Paver. It is great for areas that require “supported turf” such as overflow parking lots and emergency routes. Turfstone allows grass to grow through the pavers preserving an areas natural look.

Erosion Control
Turfstone offers specific and distinct advantages controlling erosion of, and giving soil stabilization to: slopes,m embankments, river and low flood channels, flood plains and the shorelines of inland rivers, dikes, creeks, lakes, ponds and reservoirs, where there is no extreme wave action.

Scenic Parks
It is often necessary to provide the emergency and maintenance routes through green-space, parkland and institutional complexes. Because Turfstone paving enables the traffic to go where the grass grows, it is suitable product for fire routes which, because of landscaping considerations must remain greenspace.

Composition and Manufacture
Turfstone is made from a no-slump concrete mix. Made under pressure at high frequency vibrations, Turfstone has a compressive strength of (6000 psi), a water absorption maximization of 5% and a freeze- thaw resistance equal to section 8 of ASTM C 67-73.

Installation for Erosion Control
Erosion Control applications require the slope to be grades uniformly(ideally to a 2:1 or gentler slope) before bedding Turfstone in a thin layer of sand. To prevent migration of the fine granular material it may be necessary to place a man-made filter cloth on the graded slope before applying to the sand. The filter fabric should permit revegetation. To support with suitable topsoil or mixture of soil and fertilizer and then seeded, sprigged or plugged.

Residential and Commercial Pavement Install
For residential applications remove soil to a depth of approx 4.5 inches. Wet and compact area with a tamper or vibrator. Spread clean sand to a depth of approx 1-1.5 inches and screed level. Set Turfstone and seat with tamper uniformly level. Follow erosion control revegetation procedures. For commercial pavement pavement excavate unsuitable, unstable, or unconsolidated subgrade material and compact the cleared area. Backfill and level with dense graded aggregate suitable for sub-base material(typically 4-10 inches) or as otherwise directed by Site Engineer/Architect/Landscape Architect. Place bedding course of sharp, normal weight concrete or screening sand to a depth of approximately 1-1.5 inches leveled to a grade. Install Turfstone and seat with tamper or vibrator uniformly level and free of movement. Follow erosion control revegetation procedures.

Overflow Parking
Turfstone reinforces grassy areas subjected to wheeled traffic that would otherwise become so compacted as to inhibit the permeability of the soil structure that is necessary for grass to survive. The hard surfaced green space created by Turfstone paving system is an ideal overflow parking facility for parks, historical sites, institutions,university and school campuses, golf courses, and any location where public parking peaks extensively beyond everyday needs.

to find out more about Turfstone contact one of our representatives.

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