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Featured Project: Newark Driveway

October 1, 2015

Similar to many of the other houses in the Bay Area suburb of Newark, this home was built with a bland concrete driveway. Over the years the concrete had taken some wear and tear including fading, stains and cracks. Rather than settle for keeping the existing driveway or putting in a similar concrete surface, the homeowner made the decision to upgrade to concrete pavers. Unlike concrete, the joints between pavers allow them to sustain pressure and slight movement of the earth without cracking. The driveway was constructed in our Carriage Stone pavers in the Tahoe Blend which is a combination of gray, tan, and charcoal colors. The darker Shasta Blend was used for the border, framing the driveway and providing an accent. Steps connecting to the front door were constructed with the same Carriage Stone Tahoe Blend pavers as the driveway. With the front yard remodel completed, this home now stands apart from its neighbors thanks in part to the vibrant hardscaping. View the gallery below to see pictures before and after completion.

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