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What is Through Mix and Why We Use It Exclusively For Our Pavers

September 16, 2015

At CastleLite Block we are committed to making only the highest quality concrete pavers. This is why we chose to use a through mix for our entire product line while some manufacturers use a face mix. A through mix paver has been mixed with color throughout while a face mix paver has a gray core that has had color added on the surface.

If the concrete paver is brand new someone may not notice the difference, over time however it becomes obvious. If a face mix paver should become chipped the gray core will be exposed to the surface. The core of a through mix paver is the same color as the surface so this is not an issue. Since the color for a face mix paver is not mixed throughout the entire paver it tends to fade at a faster rate than a through mix paver. We manufacture all of our pavers using a through mix allowing for more intense longer lasting color. If a through mix paver is much better then why don’t all manufactures make them?-It is a way for them to cut costs which comes at the expense of the customer. We chose not to cut corners so we are able to provide a superior product.

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