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Concrete Pavers vs Stamped Concrete

August 21, 2015

Deciding between Stamped Concrete and Concrete Pavers for a driveway, walkway, or patio? Here are some things to consider:

Stamped Concrete are concrete slabs enhanced with patterns that resemble brick or stone. Once the concrete is poured, the design is stamped before the concrete hardens. Concrete Pavers are a combination of aggregates, cements, high quality pigments, and admixes that are made into different size blocks depending on the project (for more information on how we manufacture our pavers click here).

Durability and Maintenance
Pavers are able to maintain a “new” look for a much longer period. If stamped concrete gets chipped it will expose the bland concrete beneath while if a paver gets chipped it will still be the same color. Another key advantage for pavers is that they are easier to maintain over the long term. It is almost inevitable that stamped concrete will crack. When this happens you will either have to replace a large section or if you choose to patch up that area it is likely that the replacement concrete will be a different shade than the original. In some cases homeowners just choose to wait until there are enough cracks to justify replacing the entire driveway which can be costly. Pavers have natural joints in between the units which allow for pressure without the risk of cracks. If for some reason a paver does become damaged you only have to replace the individual units which keeps costs to a minimum.

The long term costs are about the same. Stamped Concrete will be more inexpensive upfront but has higher maintenance costs because of the factors discussed above.

Stamped Concrete is slippery when wet which can be a hazard if you are using it for a pool deck. Product can be added to make Stamped Concrete “less slippery” but still not “slip-free.” Concrete Pavers have a slip resistant surface and tend to absorb less heat than stamped concrete reducing glare and making them cooler to the touch.

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