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Go Green with Metro Stone CoolPaver™

June 16, 2015

With summer here, now is the time that many homeowners are renovating their backyard to enjoy the outdoors. For those considering a new patio or pool deck, the Metro Stone is a perfect choice. This large format paver features modern styling and a slip resistant surface but what really makes the Metro Stone unique is the CoolPaver™ color blends which can make a project  eligible to receive LEED® credits. The Pebble Beach and Santa Barbara Sandstone blends (pictured below) have a high solar reflectance index (SRI) which creates a surface that is cooler to the touch regardless of outside temperature.

Solar Reflectance Index(SRI) is measure of a surfaces ability to reject solar heat. Asphalt, dark concrete and other surfaces with a low SRI attract the sun’s heat which causes the surface and surrounding air temperatures to rise. This increases demand for air conditioning, intensifies heat waves and contributes to potential health problems by increasing smog.


CoolPavers are designed to reduce heat island (thermal gradient differences between developed and  undeveloped areas), minimizing impact on microclimate and human and wildlife habitat.  This also decreases the demand for air conditioning and as a result the usage of fossil fuels that would be needed to produce electricity. Using CoolPavers can make a project eligible for LEED® Credit 7.1-Sustainable Sites “Heat Island Effect, Non-Roof”.  This requires providing any combination of the following strategies for 50% of the site’s concrete  paver hardscape (including roads, sidewalks, courtyards and parking lots):

• Shade (within 5 years of occupancy)
• Paving materials with a Solar Reflectance Index (SRI)of at least 29
• Open grid pavement system (Turfstone)

Simply put: since the Pebble Beach and Santa Barbara Sandstone blends both have a higher SRI than 29, as long as the Metro Stone CoolPaver™ makes up 50% or more of the hardscaping installed for a project then it is eligible to receive the LEED® credit. Contact us to learn more about how CastleLite can help you be environmentally friendly with your next project.

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