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Frequently Asked Questions

April 15, 2015

Q. Can pavers be laid over the top of my existing asphalt or concrete?

A. Pavers can be laid over existing pavements that are in good condition. If the pavement shows signs of major cracking, heaving, or settling, we donʼt recommend placing pavers over these conditions. We recommend that you remove the existing pavement, treat the substrate and construct a new structural section beneath the concrete pavers.

Q. What is geotextile? What does it do? Is it necessary?

A. Sometimes called filter fabric, geotextile is made of plastic threads that allow water to pass around them, but not very small particles of soil beneath them. Geotextile separates and contains the base from the underlying soil subgrade. It allows the base to shed water, and prevents the soil around it from working its way into the base.

Without geotextile, the soil will work its way into the base and weaken it. This is a slow process that happens when the soil is saturated with water or during periods of thawing. Geotextile stops this process and extends the life of the base by many years. CastleLite Block uses geotextile in all driveway installations to ensure the long term integrity of the project.

Q. What should I do if my pavers are stained?

A. If your pavers are stained there are couple courses of action. The first option is to remove the stain using a cleaning solution. The other option is to remove the stained paver(s). To simply remove an individual paver, you need to remove the sand from around the paver edges. Using two flat headed screwdrivers, gently wedge them into the joints of the pavers and rock the paver back and forth. You will be able to lift the paver out with the screwdriver.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.

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