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Frequently Asked Questions

January 21, 2015

Q. Why should I choose pavers over asphalt or concrete?

A. The ground under asphalt and concrete will move over time, which causes cracking and displacement. Concrete pavers are modular and flexible, so it will not crack over time. If the ground does heave or a utility needs to be repaired under the pavers, they can be removed in whole and replaced after the repairs have been made.

Q. Can I see pictures of previously completed projects by CastleLite?

A. Yes. visit our idea gallery to see “before and after” pictures of some of our past projects.

Q. Should I use sealer on my concrete paver project?

A. Sealing is not required but it does provide many benefits such as enhancing the color of the pavers and making stains easier to clean. In some cases stains can even be prevented. Sealers also help to keep joint sand in place which prevents weed growth.

If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable sales representatives. 

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